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Friday, November 24, 2006

Categories and del.icio.us

I think I have "categorized" all my posts using del.icio.us (see the "TRADER-X BLOG CATEGORIES" at the top of the page). A few things I learned:

1.) Yahoo! really sucks. TraderMike discussed this before - they always move their content, so if you link to it you end up with a dead link. My blog is scattered with dead links. But, I finally got smart a few months ago and quit linking to anything on Yahoo!.
2.) There is a lot of stuff in this blog! I encourage you to look at everything, but you might get the most value from "tradingtools" and of course charts.
3.) Regarding charts - if you are new, I would focus on the past 3-6 months as opposed to a year ago (or longer). Some set-ups I traded then I don't trade as much now, and some things have changed (for example, using the 5MA). All of the charts are there for you to see, but again I would focus on the recent past.

I am sure I missed "categorizing" some posts (or "mis-categorized" some posts) - if you run across any, just shoot me an email. Also, read my original post on categories below to get more detail:


As you can see (at the top of the page), I have added something called "TRADER-X BLOG CATEGORIES". I think you will find it beneficial.

The idea is that you can click on the category and be taken to a list of the posts that fall under it.

I think most of the categories are self explanatory. But here are a few that may not be:

> "tradingtools" - this is a "catch-all" that will include anything to benefit your trading - be it software, strategy, thoughts/wisdom, interviews, et cetera.
> "xblogstuff" - things specific to this blog and how it works.

The only issue with the posts in blog categories is that they are in no particular order - you may see posts from last year, followed by posts from yesterday, followed by posts from two weeks ago. I would like the posts to be in chronological order, but I did not want to invest that much time in the process! The only thing it really affects is the charts - if you are new to the blog I would focus more on the charts from the past six months, as I may not trade all of the set-ups featured in some of the charts from a year ago. But, they are all there for you to see.

Also, this is a good time to remind new readers and everyone else to visit the links at the top of every page (under PLEASE READ BEFORE EMAILING QUESTIONS) for FAQ, Key Posts, and other information that probably answers 99% of the questions you might have.

PS - if you are bored, don't forget to check my del.icio.us links on the lower right.



Chris said...

Great feature, thanks for all the work. But bashing Yahoo? I thought you were a Yahoo guy?

Trader-X said...

Chris, I am a Yahoo! guy in the sense that I love their email and calendar, and their bookmarks. And MyYahoo!

But it is crazy how they cannot leave content parked in the same spot for more than a week. I don't understand...