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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Everyone have a great Thanksgiving - check back as we will post a few charts over the holiday weekend.

Also, frequent comments contributor KayakHandy posted this:

"If anyone is interested, I will be on National Public Radio (NPR) this Sunday, November 19th (edit - I think the 26th?) from 7:00AM to 8:00AM being interviewed by Certified Financial Planner Kevin McKinley on his radio show called On Your Money."

Tune in!

Finally, here is your Thanksgiving story. Enjoy!



estocastica said...

Happy Thanksgiving to yourself and Tom C.

I look forward to listening to KayakHandy on Sunday. I think he meant to say November 26.

Daniel S. said...

Happy Thanksgiving X and family, even though I do not live in the states. But I give thanks for a great blog, and you sharing without asking for anything in return.

Stephan said...

Ditto what Daniel said!

NoGreedNoFear said...

It seems all the "On Your Money" radio shows can be listened on the web at : http://www.onyourmoney.com/audio_list.php.

I didn't find anything much this week but there was a nice one on Friday. LAB on 30 min charts off the break of the 2nd bar high. Yes, I missed it...

Happy Thanskgiving to all !


NoGreedNoFear said...

Oups... I just realized LAB has been mentionned before.

Sorry about that.