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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blogger problems...

Major problems with blogger for the past few days. So, if you have issues accessing the blog or making comments, you know why.

I will be forced to upgrade to the new blogger platform in the next few weeks. More about that when they put the gun to my head.


TradingGoddess said...

My friend Broker A, myself, and quite a few others, have been having the same problems with blogger. bleah!

I have been getting emails asking why I am not posting my usual 102 million posts per day. HAHAHHAHAHA!

Declan Fallon said...

The new Blogger sucks. Posts take *forever* to upload. Uploading image files frequently breaks down to the extent I have to do it manually through my ISP.

Bad Bad Bad..

I read bad things about the old Blogger but I rarely had a problem with it - since the 'upgrade' I would say there is nearly something every day with it.

Hold out as long as you can!!!!

estocastica said...

I've yet to have any major problems with the new blogger. Plus, it's a free service, so I find it hard to complain too much.