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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

LEAP - 010907; 15-minute chart

posted by Tom C.

I have been reading Victoria's blog, and she has talent. She threaded the needle with AAPL today, and got out before it went crazy.

I caught a nice short in LEAP. It gapped down and tried to rally, but was turned back by a declining 5MA. I entered on a break of the 10th bar low - it was below the OR low, and left a long upper tail at that level. I would have preferred it close red, but I liked the overall picture anyway.

I covered for a $1 gain as it chopped around the Fibonacci extension of the previous day's high to the OR low.

And, Trader-X said that the Wallstrip producers assured him that his "ecstasy" comment would not be included in today's video...he is pretty pissed they did not edit it out.

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Randal said...

X is a master of disguise. He will do anything to get close to Lindsay!

Bob said...

Good trade Tom C.

CELL was a good short too.

Chris said...

I wondered where X was this week. He is in NYC, sneaking into the Wallstrip episodes.