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Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday problems

I am having some software and connection problems, so this morning is a bust for me. I hope you guys are making some good trades. Maybe Tom C. will post a chart later today...

On another note, it was a good Super Bowl last night - the rain made it more exciting than it otherwise would have been. And Prince set the bar pretty high for future half-time shows - excellent covers of Hendrix and Foo Fighters mixed in with his hits.

I may get some trades in later today, but probably not. Check back after the close to see if Tom C. has anything.



estocastica said...

I also enjoyed Prince's performance last night. This morning, I read a lot of criticism about his set, which I just don't understand. He's a natural showman -- just awesome.

ATHR, 4th bar, 15' was a nice setup. I missed it myself. STP, 6th bar, 15' was a good "above the extension" type setup. I also missed that one. RVBD, 4th bar, 15'. I had a stop-limit order out on this, and price just blew through it, so I did not get filled. SYX, 4th bar, 15' had a nice hammer. Missed this as well. I've yet to actually enter anything, but not for lack of decent setups. I think I'm still in shock from learning your identity this morning.

AJ said...

Many gaps this morning. It remains to be seen if I profit from them. Sorry about your Monday probs.

Trader-X said...

aj - yes, it is frustrating. But in the grand scheme of things no big deal! It is a beautiful day here, and I am going to take advantage by taking the dogs out, and then doing a little biking. I was working on my brakes this weekend, so if I don't make it in tomorrow you will know why.

estocastica - all of that remindes me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's co-worker thinks her same is Susie, and Peterman calls them in and Elaine is trying to keep up the charade that there is a Susie, even though it is her:

"I think that at it's core, this is a Susie-and-Elaine problem that
requires, a Susie-and-Elaine solution! And, who better to do that than.. Elaine and Susie! Susie and Elaine!"

Trader-X said...

BTW - criticism? Who the hell was that from? He killed and you could not have written a better scene with that rain pouring down.

I need to find the "Best of You" cover for my iPod. Prince doing the Foo Fighters!!!! He just got introduced to a whole new generation!

Anonymous said...

I am not a huge Prince fan, but he can rock and he plays the guitar better than few others these days. And he has written many hit songs, many of which went to other bands. But still his songs.

I do agree that not many other performers could walk out in sheets of pouring rain and do what he did last night.

CTSH was nice today. It made a nice set-up on the 15, but I actually traded it off the 30. I will post a chart later.

Tom C.

Teri said...

Biking as in motorcycle or bicycle?

Trader-X said...

Mountain bike.