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Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to a new trading week!

Wait for your set-up, and make some good trades. Focus on good trades and the money will follow.

Random thoughts:

> I am really happy that The Dixie Chicks* cleaned up at the Grammy Awards.
> The Police were as good as ever.
> Something happened to Justin Timberlake while I was looking the other way...after seeing him on SNL and various performances, I realize he is pretty talented. He can write, sing, dance, play instruments, and act. I hate admitting I like a former "boy bander", but you have to give credit where it is due. I may even check out "Alpha Dog".

And Chris Rock was right about the RHCP. Best Rock Album, well deserved.

*I am not a country music fan, but I support the Dixie Chicks



OONR7 said...

Your Justin Timberlake comment will cost you 5 man cards.

Chris said...

lol. I agree with oonr7, but I did see him on Saturday Night Live and know what you are talking about X.

Flatwallet said...

How bout them Dixies...Bushies must have been hating it

Roy said...

I agree about JT, though I will never admit it in public.

Chili Peppers are a great live band, good set last night!

Trader-X said...

It gets worse - I am also digging this Corinne Bailey Rae. Nice mellow music - she is talented. I just downloaded her album, and I recommend it...

Acary said...

You'll be OK, provided you didn't TIVO it to watch over and over again. Then, I would say you have a problem!

Bubs said...


I was wondering if you could go over the trade I had on HANS today. I'm still learning this style of trading and just want to know your opinion if it was a good entry. I know the exit wasn't good. Thanks