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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My morning workout

I always get asked about my exercise routine; what do I do to get the blood flowing before the market opens?

I videotaped it for you guys - enjoy!



Anonymous said...

No wonder Mark Twight is such an amazing mountaineer.

Anonymous said...

IVAN possible nice short setup

R.J. said...

Don't see it. And why would you short a $2 stock?

Sam, AZ said...

You aren't just Trader-X, you are Superman!!!

Did you see 300? How was it?

Barb said...

Which one are u?

Howie said...

300 was great. Highly recommended.

Diesel B said...

I do a lot of that kind of stuff. It's based on the Cross-fit system. Many MMA fighters do these kind of workouts as they are very functional to conditioning. The round ball with a handle that he is running toward is a Kettlebell, another great exercise tool. I highly recomend anyone who wants to get into 'real' shape, to check out a www.crossfit.com and look for a Kettlebells instructor http://www.dragondoor.com/instructors.html

Robert said...

Damn Diesel!

NO DooDahs said...

Many years ago, I had an instructor that used an old (disconnected) fire hydrant in a similar manner to that tire. "Just move the hydrant to the end of the yard and back," he would say. Ouch.