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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday's charts

Here are a few charts I mentioned in "Comments" of the last post:

MS - 032107; 15-minute chart

FMCN - 032107; 15-minute chart

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oonr7 said...

X... nice work with FMCN. I find these kinds of setups so hard to judge because I feel it's exhausted once it gets back to the OR high.

TraderJ said...

ADBE had 2 hammer like candle on the 2nd and 3rd. It would probably get a D because of all those long upper tails, and a break of opening low.

Anonymous said...

ooonr7, I agree which is why I gave it a "C" in my comments on the previous post.

Have a good trading day all.

Trader-X said...

To answer a commentor in the previous post, I gave MS a "B" because of the weak second bar and the long upper-tail.

I do like the sixth bar "trigger" here - crossing the OR high and closing at its high (actually, opening at its low and closing at its high...a marabozu)

Gary said...

RACK with stop at 16.55 4 cents risk let see what it can do

Gary said...

RVBD ELOS ISRG other ones

Teddy DaRussian said...

Hey gary can you email me at tkaplun at yahoo . com I have some questions for you if possible

Anonymous said...

Is the arrow pointing to the bar you entered or its the trigger bar and you entered on the next bar?