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Monday, April 16, 2007

Housekeeping - 041607

Welcome to a new trading week - here are a few random things:

1.) Check out Curtis Faith's site and read about his new book "Way of the Turtle". You can download two free sections here.
2.) Check out Jamie's watchlist.
3.) Good luck to Esto on his move to SoCal...I will be out in a few months to visit.
4.) Ari has a soul?
5.) Wolfowitz is a tool.
6.) Our friend Dr. Brett said some kind words about me last week, and he has some good stuff in his Blog Linkfest.
7.) I am behind on emails...if you sent me something in the past week and are waiting on a response, be patient.
8.) I want to give a special mention to DAK - you are beautiful, smart, and sexy.

edit - I also had the best Italian food last night...I found this new, quaint little place in Houston and the Chef is unbelievable.

3:00 edit - this makes your problems seem pretty insignificant, doesn't it?



Barry said...

Ari is crazy. What was that line? I would be happy to meet you here and hold your hand while you chase cock?

Damn that is a good show.

Gary said...

Soprano's was boring again. Except for the hit in the restaurant.

Daniel S. said...

DAK? Smart, sexy, beautiful? Uhhh, does Lindsay know about her? I see trouble on the horizon.

Ronnie said...

I would be more concerned about Victoria finding out.

Barry, yes that was a funny scene in the gay club last night on Entourage.

Rob said...

X is our Vince on Entourage. We live vicariously through him.

Victoria said...

I can only assume that DAK is a sister or a cousin. I have made it abundantly clear that I don't share.

James said...

X, do you use Briefing.com?

Anonymous said...

James, X has mentioned this before. Check out Trader Mike's morning watchlish - he lists the gappers from Briefing.com.


Peter said...

Cool blog. I just found it this morning. Wish I had been reading it since the beginning.

Dana said...

Olive Garden?

Mike said...

APOL, beyond the Fib extension set-up, break of 14th bar high.

Anonymous said...

Good trade Mike. I traded AMZN off a break of the 4th bar high, and will post a chart later tonigh.

Tom C.

Kevin R. said...

You are right about that. I was not even paying attention to the news. What a tragedy.

Neil said...

Don't get serious about a woman. You will lose your edge man. Happens every time.

estocastica said...

Thanks X - the move has officially begun. I'm already sick of driving and it's only day #1!

Anonymous said...

I think, if anything, X's edge is a little sharper now...Thanks for everything that you do on here, X!


Oh...Your cousin called me from work to tell me about the message you left for me. Can you call and tell her, 'thanks' for me?

Ray33 said...

I don't know. Women are trouble. Just ask my 3 ex-wives.

Roger said...

Trader-X, are you coming back to New York City anytime soon? I would like to meet with you. I am a friend of Jeff Hodges.

Please email me at roger at berkconnely dot com. I would like to talk to you about something you would find interesting.

Brandon (TX) said...

I'm gone for a few weeks and X is shirking his responsibility of educating us because he is infatuated with a woman?

Remember what DeNiro said in HEAT:
"Do not have any attachments, do not have anything in your life you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner."

In your case, the heat is the SEC. But you get it.

Besides, is she as hot as Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, or Natalie Portman? Come on man!!!

Trader-X said...

You people comment more on non-market topics.

Barry - the gay bar scene was hilarious.

Gary - you only want to watch the show to see people get killed. Learn to appreciate the storyline and the characters.

Daniel - I still have a restraining order, so it is a moot point.

Victoria - you know you really think of me as a brother.

Dana - no, not the Olive Garden. I don't want to give the place too much publicity as I like to keep it to myself.

Esto, let me know if you change your mind and detour through Houston. I have some illegal narcotics that might tempt you!!!

DAK - how do you know my edge is sharper?

Roger - thanks for the post. If you are friends with Jeff you can get my personal email and send me a message that way.

Brandon - actually, hotter than all three.

Victoria said...

Think of you as a brother? I could be arrested in several states for that!