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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A few charts...

Running a day behind - here is a 15-minute chart from Trader-X and a 10-minute chart from Tom C. Very limited analysis, so answer the three questions on your own.

A break below the OR low and "offsetting bars":

A riskier entry since price had moved from the OR high, but it made a bullish consolidation into the 5MA with narrow-range bars:

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Mark said...

How do you handle options expiration friday. Do you trade it like any other day or take the day off(I hear others like to take the day off)Thanks keep up the great blog.

David said...

WINN was nice, but I could not find an entry. I need to look at the 10-minute charts.

Mark, I think X trades it like any other day.

Clive J said...


WINN's initial move above the OR high stalled at the fib extension of the OR-low to the OR-high and then set up what I saw as the low-risk entry-point. Visible on 5/10/15min charts.

Clive J

Ted said...

Nice WINN trade. If I could find one of those every few days, I could trade full time.