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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PETM - 051407; 15-minute chart

This is the chart Tom C. referenced yesterday - see his analysis in "Comments" of the previous post.

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Ed said...

Nice trade. How many point did you make?

bl said...

PETM, the 6/15 9/1 looked good also with increased risk in mind. Tues: WINN 5/15 for $1. One of the more breautiful charts I've see...orderly and didn't crack until the last hr. Next time let the ema take me out or go half/half. 2/30 looked good too. Best X trade yet! Others I saw: atea2/15 nuan6/15 clrk2/15 tbsi2/15 mrge2/15 amgn+8/15 dndn-7/30 mpel-3/15 +6/15 icfi-5/30. Some of these look good on 1 and 5Min charts htld. I put up 4-1min x 1 hr charts of premkt gappers from CNN/Trade Ideas: dndn crtx winn atea. Interesting and easy to look at w/o click mousing. I'll extend to 8 Wed. X, any ideas about fading gap ups like mpel icfi? There are always collapsers.

Prospectus said...

Why didn't AMAT short break of 12:00 candle on 15min work today (Wed 5/16)?

Anonymous said...

It is that damn pet food problem killing all the pets.