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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Google Reader vs. Bloglines

I made a post a few weeks ago asking what RSS reader you recommended. I have been using Bloglines for years, but lately the reliability has been terrible. Google Reader was the overwhelming recommendation, and I have been using it for about two weeks now. The verdict? I will never look back!

Google Reader has an interface similar to Bloglines, but it is more efficient and simple. Everything - from photos to video - renders better in Google Reader. The feeds update faster. It is easier to search for and add RSS feeds. They have a good "recommendation engine" that has suggested several new sites I am now reading. And, they have cool things like "tags". I like saving articles for future reference, so I just tag them and when I want to refer back I simply click that tag and it pulls up everything I saved from all the sites that I follow.

This weekend I ran across the following article on TeleCrunch. It is sad that the company that owns Bloglines chose to let it wither away - it was a good utility with a lot of users:

"Users who hadn’t already left Bloglines for Google Reader and other functional RSS readers are doing so now, largely because Bloglines has stopped working and the company has done absolutely nothing to communicate to users what is going on or when it might be fixed.

Even Bloglines founder Mark Fletcher, who sold the company to Ask.com in 2005, is ready to jump ship. In a Twitter message yesterday he said "Bloglines, please stop sucking. It’s been a couple weeks now. I don’t want to have to move to Google Reader. Sigh.""



Anonymous said...

I read somewhere yesterday BL got their feeds fixed, and they are trying to sell the service.

GR is the best anyway.

Trader-X said...

I caught that too, but I think it will be too little too late for most. Why wouldn't you switch to Google Reader?

Anonymous said...


JMOT said...

have you tried Netvibes? it allows one to go through all the blog post titles in 1 screen