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Friday, October 03, 2008

RSS reader - give me your input

I have been an avid user of Bloglines to aggregate and read all of my RSS feeds from blogs and sites. Sadly, the reliability of Bloglines seems to be getting worse.

I have never evaluated alternatives and I am curious what reader's are using, what you like, and what you dislike.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section. All input is appreciated.



Brian said...

I use Google. Abandoned bloglines last year.

Closet Daytrader said...

Google Reader.

I tried FeedDemon for a few months but switched back to Google.

Welcome back, BTW. Even though we know you've never left to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I use Netvibes, although I haven't upgraded recently. It does exactly what I want - allows me to organize feeds on one page and see which ones have updated. I don't bother with all the other features.

And let me also say your return is appreciated.


Richard said...

Google. I want to try Netvibes, but haven't gotten around to it. I never tried Bloglines.

Greytrader said...

Netvibes works well. Easy to organize your feeds.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Peter said...

I remember lifehacker did a poll and top rss post earlier this year. You should be able to find it with a search of their site. Welcome back, btw.

anarco said...

I have been using Google Reader (GR)for the past 3 months, and I am satisfied with the experience. I find the user interface simple and uncluttered: there is a navigation pane on the left that lists the blogs you want to monitor and the right pane lists the postings for each blog. Every time a blog is updated, the blog name on the left pane changes to bold font and displays between brackets the number of new (unread) posts. You may read the posts from within GR, but you can also click the title on the right pane and that takes you to the blog (in a separate browser tab).
I have made GR my home page, so whenever I log into my computer or open a new browser, the first thing I see is the blogs that have new posts.
It is also very easy to set up, so you may give it a try without having to invest a lot of configuration time.
The only drawback (and I am not sure this is just specific to GR) is that the feeds are not always picked up right away. So there is sometimes a delay.

Terry said...

Do photos show up in Google Reader, or do you have to click to go to the blog?

anarco said...

For the most part, photos, charts, graphics, videos, etc. display fine in the right pane of Google Reader. But it seems like some blogs are not RSS-friendly, so in order to view the content of those sites (text or media) you have to go to actual site.

Trader-X said...

Thanks for the input so far - it sounds like Google Reader is the runaway leader. If any one else has input, please comment.

Thanks again!

Tom said...

I'll 2nd, or 8th, GR.