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Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's Thursday - do you know where your money is?

Everyone has probably heard that the "new bailout bill" passed the Senate last night; the real challenge is what will the House do?

The Vice Presidential debate is tonight. I predict it will be a dud, as expectations for Palin are so low that as long as she doesn't drool or fall off the stage, most people will say she did well.

Good news in the polls - Obama is widening his overall lead and taking a lead in key states like Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Blog alert - as I look around the Internet for new blogs I haven't been reading, I will try to post some that catch my eye. Anarco's Blog is one that has - I like his trading style, charts, and analysis. He seems to be doing some unique things; go check it out.

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Brian said...

Hey X welcome back!!! I missed your thoughts and takes on current events. And charts!

Jose V. said...

Great to see you blogging again!
I've always enjoyed reading Jamie's blog. And he gave us a link some time ago to Anarco's blog and another one to Corey Rosenbloom "Afraid to Trade" blog. Give him a try and hope you like it as I like.

doink said...

I've been posting some daily gap style charts at http://undercap.blogspot.com.

Now, I just need to figure out how to trade them successfully....

PW said...

I'm another new blogger. There's not much on my site yet, but I'm getting there. I wasn't around when you left but I like what I see so far.