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Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday roundup

On Tuesday I asked rally or pullback; here is the chart of QQQ showing it breaking through the Monday lows:

The decline since mid-August is astounding:

Congress is set to vote on the "new bailout bill", so the volatility is sure to continue. There have been some great trading opportunities - both long and short (provided it was a stock that could be shorted). I will post some charts and analysis over the weekend.

The VP debate

I called it yesterday - somewhat dull. I think Palin exceeded greatly reduced expectations, but as far as knowledge and credibility she came up far short. Here are the poll numbers:

CBS polled 473 uncommitted debate-watchers - 46% say Biden won, 21% say Palin won, and 33% say it was a tie.

CNN's poll of debate-watchers found that far more thought Biden did the best job in the debate (51%) than Palin did (36%).


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