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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Simplifying is hard work

My January activity is progressing, but I underestimated the amount of focus and discipline it takes to ELIMINATE setups from you arsenal.

Regardless, I have the core setups I plan to focus on in 2009 and January has been a great month thus far. I want to do a few more weeks of trading before I resume posting setups on the blog, and I need to decide what direction I want to go with the blog as far as sharing setups and what I publish.

I hope everyone is enjoying a profitable January - keep checking back for updates.



PDT said...

Is there a reason as to why you would not be publishing your trades?

Time? Trade Secrets?

Looking forward to the next post!

ralph said...

X, nice to see you're having a great month so far. If I am not being too intrusive, how many # R's are you up for this month?

I guess I am trying to understanding your definition of great, as I am only up 5R, which is 1/3 of my monthly goal.

Thanks again, Ralph

Alex said...

X, I think I'm hot on your tail. I believe JPM today and C yesterday would have been good setups for this "new" method.

Trader-X said...

PDT - I publish about 80% of what I do, but everyone needs some secrets.

Ralph - I don't measure my profits that way. I am at 80% of my monthly goal as of today.

Alex - I'll take a look at those. I didn't trade either, but I miss more than I trade!

ralph said...

X, Thanks for speedy response. To generate the 80% monthly target, how many trades did you place? For me, I had 14 trades for 33% target.

BTW , congrats on the numbers.

Thanks, Ralph

PS: would you consider a one-on-one mentorship?