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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crooks, blogs, and a stunning (disturbing?) photo

Sam Israel, Bernie Madoff, Marcus Schrenker...these are just the high-profile crooks that we know about. No doubt that for every one of these guys we hear about, there are probably ten that we don't. It is sad that these scumbags rip off people and then try to escape their responsibility like cowards.

But it is also the society we live in - a society of greed, excess, every man for himself. I mean - look at this photo:

Mr. Schrenker is all about image - the car, the plane, the wife. I wish I could get him alone in a room and do a classic Jack Bauer interrogation...but I digress.

It is disgusting. But, again, in my opinion, for every one of these guys we hear about, there are ten that we don't.

On a more positive note, Trader Jamie's blog gets better every day. If you are not reading it I have to ask - why?

On a possibly related note, the photo below may or may not be Trader Jamie. Or Dinosaur Trader.



Dinosaur Trader said...

Wow, I like the parallel between the two pictures. Two dudes who are all about image...

That picture is obviously Jamie though... you can't draw fib lines on my chest hair.


Trader-X said...

Good point. It is obvious if you plot the Fibs over the high/low that the hair was moving into sideways consolidation around the nippular area.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - that is the funniest thing I have ever seen.


Bulldog Trader said...

That is some serious man-scaping.

Anonymous said...


Roy said...


This time with my name!

Solfest said...

Another crook.


Jamie said...

Yeah WOW indeed! No chest hair here, but it definitely has a dinosaur quality about it - beautifully symmetrical yet frighteningly grotesque.