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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zombies, blogs, and charts

Laugh now - but if you are driving down the Interstate and see the warning, you better pay attention.

Blogs I read

I am going to [attempt to] revamp my Blogroll in the next week or two...the service BlogRolling has been broken since 2008, and the company itself has to win the award for most poorly run company in the history of poorly run companies.

I am going to limit my Blogroll to blogs I actually read. If I read your blog and reference you, you will be on my Blogroll. If I don't read your blog, you won't be on my blogroll (no offense intended). If you don't think I read your blog, send me an email and I will take a look at it (put Blogroll in the subject line of the email so I can spot it quickly).

Trading the "W"

Last week I made a post referencing one of Trader Jamie's posts ("Shorting the h"). I also read about a "W" and "M" pattern - I don't know if it was on Trader Jamie's blog or another blog because I forgot to save it.

edit - I am hearing Complacent Panda wrote about the "W" last week.

Regardless, I wanted to put up a chart for you to review. Yesterday the NQ futures carved out a (not so perfect but still interesting) "W" pattern with a higher low and a move to the Fibonacci extension (and beyond).

These patterns are ripe with Fibonacci ratios, so take the time to analyze them.



Tyler said...

Trader X,

I wanted to send you an email for the blogroll, but am having a tough time finding your email anywhere.

Please let me know where I can get it so I can send you a link. Or, you can click on my name and it should link to it.


Richard said...

Click the about trader-x link at the top of the page.

JF David said...


W pattern

Tyler said...


Thanks for the help. I think I even clicked on that earlier and overlooked it.


Ted said...

I hate Zombies.

Jamie said...

Yeah, h, V, W, M, and U (the latter from Tom C. if my memory is good) are all great trading patterns.

Complacent Panda said...

Thnx JF David. Yeah, I posted the W pattern last week (or so). BTW, traded the h pattern after reading your post x-trader. I like it.

Anonymous said...

I see two "W"s. If you include the previous days action then the open was the middle of the W...a bigger W.

Great blog.