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Friday, February 20, 2009

Classic SPAM!

I was not going to make any more posts before the weekend, but this found its way to my Inbox and I had to share it.

It is classic - the grammar and word selection, not to mention the return email address that you can't see on the photo - xbpzjy@irs.com!

I have to give this an 8.5/10!!!



Complacent Panda said...

They've been getting better recently...I just got an amazing one asking for my eBay info in order to confirm my account. Looked very real and even had a web address similar to eBay (e8ay.com or something like that).

Anyway, hope you enjoy your $620.50

David said...

That is hilarious. When did the IRS switch to .com from .gov?

But I did have a fried growing up named xbpzjy.

Gary said...

I received something similar and I don't even live in the states.

Terry said...

Friday, bloody Friday.

Anyone thing we will close positive?