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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Technology updates

Browser Wars

I have been a huge Firefox fan for years, and still am. But I finally broke down and tested Google Chrome. I like it a lot. I don't know that I will abandon Firefox, but after the first day I find myself using Chrome the majority of the time. I love the look and feel and the speed is blazing. Have you tried it yet?


Jon over at "Five Rules For Life" introduced me to a new [free] site/tool/sharing thing called Tumblr. Tumblr is great - it is kind of like blogging, only much, much, much simpler. Most people use it to share things they find on the Internet with others. I am playing around with it as a possible replacement for my links on the lower right sidebar ("THINGS ON THE INTERNETS THAT CAUGHT MY EYE"). I haven't decided yet, but it is a really cool tool. Check out Jon's Tumblr stream here (I stole a few things for my links):


edit - Brian points out (in "Comments") that the Tumblr sites also have an RSS feed so you can subscribe to them in Google Reader...I missed that the first time I looked.

I will post charts over the weekend because I have a lot of personal things to do today and tomorrow outside of market hours. Enjoy the rest of your week.



Glenn said...

Tumblr is cool, I was just playing with it last week.

X, you should do a post on all your technology. I for one would like it. I think you use the iPhone? One post with your trading software, computer specs, non-trading software.

Thanks for a cool blog.

reno said...

I love Google Chrome as well and have been using it as my predominant browser due to it's quickness.

There are a few sites that don't render well in Chrome that I switch back to Firefox or IE for, but that's in the minority.

Dinosaur Trader said...

I'll check out chrome. I always have trouble with video in Firefox.


Barb said...

Chrome rocks. Tumblr looks cool. I may use it instead of sending 30 emails a day.

Trader-X said...

I am liking Chrome more and more.

Great call on WFMI RJ...it tanked minutes after your comment. Nice 3%+ move.

Trader-X said...

Glenn, good idea re: the technology post. I might do something early next week.


sunyata said...

Hey X,

Found another site for gap scans.


Altho the data is 15 - 20 min delayed.

Tim Jones said...

Chrome is good however be careful on sites with lots of Flash. For example if you keep a tab with cnbc open (not that you would) it will eventually crash the browser.


Brian said...

Thanks for the Tumblr tip. It even has an RSS feed so I can put it in Google Reader. I may play with it for friends and family stuff.

sunyata said...

Hey X,

Today's record not as good: 1-3-0. SHPGY was an awesome top-out setup and was my winner. HPQ I bought as a re-take setup but it did not follow thru immediately and showed resistance at 50% up. I should have been out breakeven or better. MOS and WFMI I took as top-outs but they showed support at 50% and now I know to look for S/R at these levels. I should have been out breakeven on both MOS and WFMI as well. So my record today should have been 1-0-3.

Have a swell day!

Anonymous said...

sunyata, I traded WFMI but I bought on a break of the 6th bar high...long. What was your short entry, because I did not see a valid short on it at all.


Anonymous said...

Same question on MOS.

But SHPGY was perfect, nice trade. I missed it completely.


sunyata said...

Hey RJ,

I shorted WFMI on the 6th bar after the 5th bar formed a shooting star. But after the 6th bar formed a hammer with support at 75%, I should have been out. Good flip. Is this a "perfect pullback" trade? I was kind of unsure what counts as "support" on a pullback. When X says "support" I suppose he means a bullish hammer-like candle at a 50% or 75% level. Also, BHI was a good top-out trade today which I missed.

Take care.

Todd-O said...

SHPGY was nice. Kicking myself for missing it. Shorted NSC and it worked though.

Anonymous said...

sunyata, once you get past the first three bars, I would avoid shooting stars when the real body is so far away from the high/resistance. They are much less reliable. If you take the ones where the top of the real body forms at the high/resistance, your success rate will improve.

Just my .02


DEM said...

Hi RJ,

Any reason why u did not take WFMI at the break of the 4th bar high. Seem to be a valid setup?


sunyata said...


Thanks will definitely keep that in mind. Admittedly, I felt there was something fishy about the short...

OONR7 said...

Chrome is blazing fast but I find that it doesn't support all types of web content like Firefox. Also, maybe it's just my computer but Chrome crashes frequently. Of course, I don't mind because it's fast to reboot :)

Anonymous said...

DEM, the reason is the same I gave sunyata above about the shooting star (only reverse for long). I want to see the real body of the bar form at support, and that 4th bar was too far above it. Look at my entry bar, right on it (support being the halfway point between the morning's high and 50% retracement). I don't know if X would have taken my trade because my trigger bar was red, but I liked it because it could not push down below that support and closed on it.