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Monday, February 09, 2009

Inspiration for a new week!

I just watched the 60 Minutes report on US Airways 1549, which crash-landed into New York's Hudson River on January 15, 2009.

It was an amazing piece that covered the incident and reunited the passengers with the crew and Captain Sullenberger who saved 155 passengers and quite possibly 1,000s of people on the ground.

It was inspirational and helps put life in perspective - I recommend everyone check it out.

photo source

Go make some good trades and I will post charts over the next day or two.

note - the follow-up piece on Coldplay was great too!



Dinosaur Trader said...

Sweet, thanks. Inspiration gets addictive.


anarco said...

The 60 minutes airplane crash piece was great.
Although the pilot performed amazingly in such critical crisis and it is now considered a "hero," he seems to remain a humble and unpretentious human being. That for me is inspirational as well.

Anonymous said...

"well that wasn't as bad as I thought"

This pilot is amazing.

Barb said...

Talk about performing under pressure, amazing.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't CBS have someone more intelligent to talk to a guy like that. It's almost a disservice to him.

Todd said...

What's wrong with Katie Couric?