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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An open letter to Kellogg's

I don't smoke marijuana, but I do think it is idiotic that it is illegal. Joe Rogan - as usual - is spot on with his letter to Kellogg's. But as a general rule, Joe Rogan is usually right...and I don't just say that because he once commented on this blog.

Dear Kellogg’s,

I’m writing this letter to express my disappointment in your company in firing Michael Phelps as a spokesperson for your products because he was photographed while enjoying some marijuana.

I respectfully would like to communicate my opinion on this matter because I think it’s of great public interest.

First of all, although it is true that Mr. Phelps broke the law, I think any reasonably intelligent person would admit that it’s one of the most fucked up and corrupt laws that we have today in this country. Marijuana is relatively harmless and certainly far less dangerous than a host of other things that are not only legal but also readily available, like alcohol and prescription drugs. The only reason it remains illegal to this day is because it’s a plant and you can’t patent it and control it’s sale, and because if it were legal it would greatly affect the demand for a host of prescription drugs that rake in billions of dollars each year for pharmaceutical companies.

That’s it.

Marijuana has never killed anyone EVER in over 10,000 years of use. We’re not protecting people from themselves, we’re not saving the children - it’s just a horribly illogical law that is in place because of corruption and propaganda.

The fact that it’s against the law is just a disgusting reminder of how retarded our system is, not a reasonable reaction to a proven threat to society.

Read the entire post here.

note - I found this on jon's stuff...



Roger said...

I love Joe. And now that you have me reading Dinosaur Trader, I love week too.

sunyata said...

Hey X,

Just wanted to report in. Today's record was 2-0-0. Two wins on setups you describe in your revised "How I Trade" post: a top-out in HNI and a deep pullback in TDW.

Thanks for your help!

Joao Henrique said...


I dont make appologies to any kind of drugs and neither smoke marijuana. Smoke marijuana may not cause any harm. The real problem behind the scenes is that illegal drugs are usually associated with organized crime. If someone buys drugs of any kind is financing crime all around the world. Thousands die for the pleasure of few.

I believe if you grow on your home, fine no problem at all... I live in Brazil, I see the damage the drugs traffic causing in Rio.

Best Regards,

Joao Henrique.

Trader-X said...

Sunyata - sounds like you had a great day - congrats!

Joao - that is kind of the point I am making. Marijuana should not be illegal...that takes care of the organized crime problem. It is a stupid law that leads to illegal behavior (like prohibition in the US). As for why it is a stupid law, Joe does a good job of explaining it. Marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol, and there are a lot of benefits...

Thanks guys.

Tom T. said...

Marijuana is more toxic than cigarrettes in terms of what it does to your lungs and I think we are all tired of paying the healthcare costs of those who chose to smoke despite many warnings not to so why legalize a more toxic cancer agent. The argument that there is a conspiracy by big pharma is a joke because there are no curative aspects to pot - we should allow an exception to those who cannot relieve pain and have a terminable condition but let's not pretend that big pharma is worried someone will choose pot over a more targeted prescription like vicodin that, taken in prescribed doses, will allow the patient to still participate in society, unlike someone who gets wasted on pot. I still see the humor in Joe's letter but it is not based on sound medical principles. It's just humor.

Uh oh, time to go hit the bong again - I'll post more later.

Charles said...

More toxic than cigarettes? Where do you find that...I know people that have died of lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, but I have yet to hear of pot smokers dying of lung cancer.

As far as the curative aspect - are you telling me the drugs put out by big pharma "cure" anything? I don't think the majority of them do. There is great debate as to whether many of them actually treat what they were intended to treat. I had a relative who was prescribed "medical marijuana" for an incurable illness that caused great pain; it was a godsend. It has many applications in medical care. Personally I agree with the conspiracy theorists on this one.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Charles, and not just because he is my dealer.

sun, I shorted TDW today too. Good trade.


Complacent Panda said...

More toxic than cigarettes? Bullshit. Not to mention, even if it were, people wouldn't be smoking two packs a day.

I have a friend who uses marijuana as a cheap alternative to anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds (which cost her considerably more as she doesn't have health insurance).

Depending on the legal meds, they can cost ~$140 for 30days from a local pharmacy. Sucks if a doctor prescribes you two.

Dr. Franco said...

Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, and the majority of studies show it is much safer. There are indeed many medical uses, not to mention the functional uses of the parent plant, hemp.

It is sad that powerful people can do something as stupid as prohibit its use just to make it more profitable a market for medical and alcohol companies.

Jules said...

You made me laugh for a good 5 minutes. My tummy hurts, and I can't focus on my charts. You're better than pot!

Anonymous said...

Sweet. I am going to write a book and the title will be "I'm better than pot". I will credit you Jules.

Good setups this morning...WFMI worked good on a pullback and I am about to close out the position.


Trader-X said...

Good discussion guys. You should have seen some of the idiotic, anonymous comments I received. They left me shaking my head.

Douglas said...

This Oxford scientist says Marijuana is safer than asprin: