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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A few charts for the week...

Posted by Tom C.

Since it is a short week, I am tending to a lot of personal business. It is likely this will be my only post until next week.

Here are two charts - one from Tuesday and one from today.

GG was a "reversion to the mean" trade. It gapped down and printed four strong bars, with the 4th bar being the NRM and a hammer-type candle. I entered on a break of that bar's high and closed the position at the 50% level (Fibonacci lines plotted in classic X-style - the previous day's high to the OR low).

PFG was an interesting trade. It gapped up and after a pullback it rallied to close above the OR high. I entered on a break of the 10th bar high; it was a little extended from the 8EMA (white line), but I liked that it closed strong above the OR high and left a long lower tail. I closed the position at the FE (again, Fibonacci lines plotted in classic X-style).



Ariel said...

Heya Tom,

I got a question regarding the FE:
I'm using a trading system which doesn't include the Fibonacci Lines tool. So.. I was searching over the net for a calculator, and found one, yet when I put the numbers shown on the stocks you were trading, the FR numbers are fine, but the FE aren't.
i.e, on PFG, I put the Low number of 20.15, High - 21.71, and the FE I get: 61.8% - 22.67, 100% - 23.27, 138.2% - 23.87, 161.8% - 24.23.
In your SS of PFG, the 61.8% FE is on 22.30~.

Does it mean my calculator is wrong? If it does.. Where can I get a decent one?

Thanks in advanced.

Zo said...

Hey guys

I have been reading your blogs like crazy and using your approach in my own strategy and it has really opened my eyes to fibonacci.

One question i have not been able to find on the blog is, Do you ever move up your stops at all to protect any profits or do you stick it out at the same level until your target is reached?

Last question is, If possible, would like to see some trades that did not work out 100% to plan. I have seen some iffy setups but most if not all hit your target. More or less i am just interested in what would have constituted in an early exit before the target. I read somewhere in the blog about if a bar closes below the 5ema and the next bar breaking that low of the previous bar to then exit but i am wondering if that has been used more? Today (5/29/09) in APOL i shorted after the break of the 4th bar low, covered half at the dollar mark as it started to run into some mud at the halfway point of the ORlow and the 50% retrace, then exited the rest at the break of the 11th bar high because it closed above the 5ema and the 12th bar broke its high. Worst case i don't think i would have held it beyond the 19th bar since it closed above 50% but right after that it blew past FE. Don't get me wrong I still think it was a good trade but after the break of FE, it got me thinking more about the stop levels.