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Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday trades

Posted by Tom C.

I am kicking myself for missing a trade in WFT, but I had a nice one in CMI. Take a look at the chart and see if you can figure out where. I am done for the week - I will try to continue this crazy blogging spree I have started next week!



Anonymous said...

Tom, I was wondering if you can tell me if these are trades you would take:

OSIS long off 4th bar
MED short off 6th bar

Thanks for all the valuable posts.


Anonymous said...

let me try it, B14 in WFT (closed strong above FE and EMA support)and B8 (hammer closing above ORH and EMA support)in CMI.
Please let us know the answer. Thank you and have a good weekend.


loanme5 said...

Hi Tom,
I would guess you entered CMI at a break of the 8th candle and held it to 54.26.

I'm curious to know if you and X use position-sizing and expectancy?

Thanks for posting. You have no idea how great I think you guys are for sharing your knowledge.

Tom C. said...

Song, that was my CMI entry!

Tom C. said...


Those were both good setups that I missed. Your entry on MED was very low-risk as price pulled back into heavy resistance, including the MAs I watch. The OSIS entry was a little riskier, but I see the rationale and it turned out to be a great trade.

Tom C. said...

loanme, thanks for the feedback. You can find out about position sizing by clicking "WELCOME AND LINKS TO KEY POSTS" at the top of the page.