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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trading Blogs

Posted by Tom C.

I am looking to clean up X's "Blogs I Read (Trading)". It looks like Anarco, Tyler, Attitude Trader, and 00NR7 haven't posted in a while - has anyone heard anything from them? I would hate to remove them if they are planning to start back up.



OONR7 said...

lol... I'm contemplatinga return - but I am prepared to be banished from the 'blog roll'!!!

Tyler said...


Don't count me out just yet! I am still trading full time, but haven't had much extra time to post this fall/winter. I hope to change that soon, maybe today!


Tom C. said...

Thanks guys, I won't change anything for now. Hope to read your blogs soon.

Attitude Trader said...

Hey Tom,

Perfect timing. After a long hiatus I've just started peeking at everyone's blogs again and I'll probably do a bit of posting soon.

Thanks for the heads-up and for continuing to put up great stuff!


Anonymous said...


I exchanged emails with Anarco in late 2009. He was too busy with work to post but hopes to continue posting in 2010.