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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

APKT - 020211

Chad submitted a trade in APKT today. Before I get to that, how many of you use RealTick? I've noticed over the past few days that my gap lists in RT have doubled in size. I am not sure if they changed an algorithm or made some other tweak. It doesn't impact my trading, as I tend to focus on the top 20 or so candidates ranked by daily volume. But, I was curious if anyone else noticed the change?

Chad's trade:

"X, I like to use 5-minute charts and plot my Fibonacci lines over the opening range's high/low, something I learned from you a few years back. I am not sure if you still use this technique, but I have had a lot of success with it. APKT was what I would call a "textbook X trade". It gapped up, pulled back to the retracement zone, and rallied to the Fibonacci extension. It then found support at the FE, and rallied again. I entered on a break of the 8th bar's high at $64.01 (I use a faster 5EMA, and the 100EMA), and I sold when it hit $67.00 because it was a whole number (another technique I learned from you), and I wanted to lock in sizable profits from the move.

Thanks for the years of posts and teaching."

Here is Chad's chart with the trigger bar and exit marked:



Mike said...

I noticed the same thing with my gap lists. On Monday, it seemed to increase by 300%. I would be interested to know why.

Times of Your Life said...

Nice trade Chad, great move on APKT

i think mine is the same for the gap list, I used Trade Ideas, so maybe its different

Terry said...

Nice trade. I was in HXL for a nice profit. Good day!

Doug R. said...

I use RT, but I don't use the gap lists. I will look tomorrow though.

Anonymous said...

Do you recommend Real Tick? I am considering different platforms and would like to get some feedback. Thanks.