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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Starting 2006 - revisited

I made this post earlier today with a great quote from Lance Armstrong. I noted that I started 2005 with this same quote, and I didn't find anything that could top it for 2006! Now I have, and it is a simple message - be thankful for everything I have, and for my good fortune.

This morning I went to my favorite diner for an early-morning (New Year's) breakfast. At one point during my meal, I noticed the hostess crying. I asked the waitress what was wrong, and she told me that the woman's son was killed in Iraq in December. The television was on, and they were recapping the death count in Iraq in 2005, and I guess it was too much for her to bear (and understandably so).

My long time readers know my views on Bush and my opposition to the Iraq War and the lies our administration told to get us into that quagmire. So, I will avoid launching into a political tirade in this post. Instead, I will say that I hope the brave men and women in our military come home soon, and that one day the people in Iraq will have a peaceful existence.

So, I start out 2006 being thankful for everything I have. As I always say, no matter what your situation there are plenty of people less fortunate. And, that poor hostess (mother) at the diner is suffering pain and heartache that she should not have to endure...I pray that 2006 ends better for her than it began.

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