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Saturday, April 29, 2006

How to find gaps - 042906

posted by Trader-X:

If you read my posts under "WELCOME AND LINKS TO KEY POSTS", you will see that historically I have gotten my list of gaps from three sources - Prophet.net, Briefing.com, and the list in my RealTick software.

If you have been reading this blog, you know that Prophet.net has more than it's share of reliability problems - sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. So, I solicited input from readers a few weeks ago to get additional sources for gaps. For me, the best new source by far is the INET website, which publishes pre-market moves and lets you sort them by percentage.

Every morning (a few minutes before the open) I do a sort and add both up and down moves (gappers) of 5% or more to my "watch list" for the day. Here is the link to stocks that are moving...simply click on the "Percent Change" header to toggle between stocks that will gap up and stocks that will gap down (NOTE - if you are looking at this on the weekend, don't expect much; check back about an hour before the market opens).

edit - see this post for new information about INET
090506 - see this post for the latest on INET

The second best new source (for me) is a simple one - the ticker on CNBC. I start watching it about 45-minutes before the market opens, and you can easily get many of the stocks that will be gapping that morning. I take those up 5% or more (just do a quick mental calculation) and add them to my "watch list" for the day.

Between these new sources and my original three sources, I have more than enough to focus on. In fact, I may consider eliminating Briefing.com in the future.

You can check the "Comments" on the original post for other sources you may want to investigate, and leave comments and suggestions on this post as well.

Have a great weekend!

Here is my latest post (091206) on finding gaps.

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BL said...

X,I like Inet(Island)the best for gaps. I can easily load it on Scottrade's Elite. Briefing.com is just a meager repeat with some news, however as a news source, easy to read, auto updated, I think it's the best over MktWatch, etc. I'll start looking at those >5% moves, but an $80 stock would have to move $4. Do you look for >$2 and <5% gap plays too? And read news about the issues? Thanks,

Trader-X said...

I don't read any news...I don't care what moves a stock as long as it moves. Yes, I would probably put a $2 gapper on on my watchlist...