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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trader-X upgrade!

Some time in the next few days I will be upgrading the blog. It has been a long time coming - if I remember correctly, Blogger has been trying to get me to upgrade since 2007.

The process should be simple, but it will take some time to get everything back in its proper place. The good news is that once I upgrade, I should have access to some cool new features.

note - special thanks to Trader Jamie for his tutelage on upgrading.

So if things on the blog look strange between now and February 1st, it is because I am in a transition phase. Keep checking back.

It is important to note that I am doing all of this for you - the reader - but I do not plan to raise my prices. You will still get the great Trader-X wit and a site packed full of random thoughts and semi-valuable content for the low, low price of...nothing. Unless you are Dinosaur Trader - I have him convinced he has to pay $29.99/month.

Also, I can't ignore the possibility that things will go terribly wrong during the upgrade process, and the Trader-X blog will disappear into cyberspace never to be seen again. If that happens, just know I enjoyed the ride and I wish you all a long life filled with happiness and prosperity. In the immortal words of Carl Spackler:



Z said...

Hey X,

THanks for everything u have done for us! U are a great mentor to many of us (learners) out there.

have a good one,


ps: I m also going to start my own blog soon :)

Dinosaur Trader said...

Wait, you mean I'm getting ripped off?

That's it! I'm not paying a penny over $19.99 now.


T.J. said...

Classic clip!

Get switched over and hurry back.

Avanish said...

Make sure you don't break it. I just found you a few months ago, and it is my favorite blog. Good luck.

john said...

I hope that the upgrade brings more x advice on action movies and TV shows (even though you were wrong about the most recent Bond movie:)
BTW, "Taken" was very good.

Ever since you came back after your extended fling with Victoria, you have been light on the entertainment advice.

Anonymous said...

blogger blows and so do you

Trader-X said...

Z - let me know when you start your blog!

DT - I will give you a discount, but you need to pay a year in advance.

John - damnit, I still liked the new Bond. Can't wait for the DVD. I have been watching the previews for "Taken" hoping it will actually be good...thanks for the feedback!

Anon - I don't normally publish comments without a name, but it is positive feedback like yours that helps get me through the day.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Start doing some polls, like who owns an iPhone.


Attitude Trader said...

Yeah, DT'll buy anything...even all the dips in today's downtrend.

Wait, I take that back. He won't buy a good shave!


Thanks for all the stuff X.