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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogs wane?

Interesting article on the state of blogs, and their "competition" with Facebook and Twitter. I've often wondered if Facebook would be a better format for Trader-X...it would most-likely allow for a wider audience and more/easier collaboration, but the flexibility of posting content would be diminished.



Omni-X said...

I believe sites such as Tumblr may do the trick. Tumblr in my opinion is sort of like Twitter meets Blogger.

ct said...

I doubt Facebook would be a better format and would seem more closed off than a blog.

Winkinatcha said...

Heya Trader-X,

i reckon there is the possibility that you can combine a nuber of media...

EG The blog for the long winded n detailed explanations..

the Twitter for the trades on the boil and chat amongst traders..
The FaceBook?

hmmm not too sure how to use Facebook from a trader orientation unless I had somehow a specific Facbook page specifically for Tradey/anaysisy orientation... mmmm must think about that ackshully... as one prob with Twitter is displaying of charts... though one can link to charts hosted elsewhere...


But anyways, I do think that the blog is still a brill medium for the more static posts... like a daily analysis or weekly or whatever, n tho I am an old fart compared to the demographic of the article i do spend a heck load more time reading blogs (trader oriented) than Ido reading facebook and i enjoy the blog format a lot more than twitter one liners...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like Facebook, but it seems that a lot of people like to hate on it. Not sure why. But, I don't think it is the right showcase for your usually detailed posts. It might force you to cut back on the detail, which would be bad for the readers.